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Crosswalk Mural Project 

Revitalization Through Art


At the corner of Chase Street and Chester Street lies a community-designed crosswalk that serves to revitalize the community. 

The Collington Square Neighborhood Association, in partnership with City Life Community Builders and Graham Projects, designed and developed a crosswalk that addressed the lack of investment and safety, and deterioration of the streets north of the Amtrak rail line in East Baltimore. The newly painted crosswalk inspired a new life for the community as it made the streets safer, more pedestrian-friendly, and welcoming to all surrounding communities.

The young children from the community also helped to create this crosswalk as they came out to paint, along with other members of the neighborhood.  

crosswalk mural w_ hoen building.jpg
crosswalk mural project ariel 2.jpg
Crosswalk mural project - childern painting.jpg
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